We staff vein practices with the best ultrasound technicians available, trained to work as specialists in vein practices. Our professionals are credentialed with ARDMS (RVT) and/or CCI (RVS or RPhS) and have unique and comprehensive training in vein care, and extensive experience in actual venous ultrasonography.
Our ultrasound sonographers fully understand the etiology, pathophysiology and biochemistry of vein disease in order to help doctors achieve desired medical results. Their skills help them make the right decisions which will help you implement innovation. They are committed to providing the highest level of knowledgeable care to medical offices, clinics, hospitals and patients.

Along with the equipment and expertise to perform venous procedures, we provide credentialed ultrasound sonographers specialized in vein treatment practice. Our vein sonography technicians make your practice efficient, because they can:


• Conduct initial visits
• See and prep patients
• Perform vein scans
• Help interpret scan results
• Assist guided procedures
• Help propose a treatment plan
• Support treatment follow-up
• Work with complications
• Provide insurance protocol
• Advise on the latest industry standards