For Doctors

When you add a new vein practice to your office, it operates like a specialized clinic to augment your income. You can perform full phlebology procedures from cosmetic to endovenous treatment. All without having to change your physician specialty or worry about complex disease care.

You want to start a vein practice.

You own a medical practice and would like to add vein treatments to your practice.
We do it all:
    1.   Provide trained vascular sonographers.
    2.   Supply all necessary ultrasound and laser equipment if so desired.
    3.   Guide the physician to perform endovenous procedures.
    4.   Help you choose the right laser equipment.
    5.   Provide all the necessary protocols and regulations.
    6.   Assist with billing, if so desired.
    7.   Consult on best practices, most effective and economical equipment and supplies.

For new practices, full state-of-the-art phlebology procedures can be learned and implemented in as little as a few weeks (dependent on a physician’s skill level).

You currently manage a vein practice.

You currently own a vein practice and would like to make it more effective. Our skilled professionals will help:
    1.   Improve treatment outcomes.
    2.   Implement the latest standards, tools and phlebology techniques.
    3.   Expand services and marketing of an existing practice.
    4.   As requested, provide supplemental ultrasound services other than vein sonography.

With assistance from Sonogeeks, doctors can now treat patients who have complications with better confidence for successful outcomes.


A Letter to Doctors About Vein Expertise

Dear Doctors,

At Sonogeeks, our mission is to bring better, broader venous practices to market by helping physicians to implement needed techniques that achieve overall, better patient results.

Recently, more and more physicians decided to perform vein treatments in their offices to supplement income motivated by generous insurance reimbursements. Thus, the quality of vein treatments has since decreased, because the majority performs only quick venous ablations. They do not concentrate on more vital treatment methods such as further sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, vein ligation and ablation of complex perforators.

We want to help fill that treatment gap with experienced, expert vein care.

Currently, we see more and more patients with complications from incomplete vein treatments. Many doctors who perform them as a secondary specialty, unfortunately, do not always employ the available, wide range of treatment methods. Instead, many restrict themselves to only one type of procedure. This leaves them unable to complete certain necessary cures, and their patients later seek the help of other doctors in more specialized vein clinics.

With this in mind, Sonogeeks is committed to fill the breach. We help practices with diverse, primary specialties to operate full vein clinics, and to achieve successful patient results.

Our professional sonographers have worked for many different physicians from various backgrounds with varied techniques. This gives us an opportunity to learn an array of vein techniques and, therefore, to be able to select the best technique dependent on each patient’s particular condition.

Now, after nearly a decade, we can offer this collective, time-tested knowledge to expanding practices like yours. Whether you have a non-vein medical practice or an existing vein practice, Sonogeeks can make you an expert in this field.

With our help, a general medical practice can start performing expert vein procedures in two to three weeks, with a minimal investment in equipment.

Contact us today if you feel this is your time to benefit from the negligence or lack of expertise demonstrated by others.

I will personally schedule an appointment with you to review venous practice opportunities. Please call (310) 922-9584 for an appointment.


Suren Zakaryan
Sonogeeks, President