Thinking about starting a vein practice or making the existing one more effective?

Sonogeeks helps you to start and manage a successful vein practice or to make your existing practice even more effective.

We are here to provide you with:
We staff vein practices with the best ultrasound technicians available, trained to work as specialists in vein practices. Our professionals are credentialed with ARDMS (RVT) and/or CCI (RVS or RPhS) and have unique and comprehensive training in vein care, and extensive experience in actual venous ultrasonography.
Sonogeeks provides all the necessary ultrasound equipment (either stationary or mobile) best suited for your particular needs. So why even purchase unnecessary, expensive ultrasound machines yourself with features you may never use? Our vein sonography professionals also help you choose the right equipment and supplies for endovenous ablation procedures.
We have extensive hands-on experience in treating venous diseases with a number of doctors and medical practices that serve diverse populations. From that knowledge base and current protocol, we help guide doctors to perform minimally invasive vein procedures in an outpatient setting according to the latest industry standards.
We work closely with a very dependable billing company that specializes in patient/insurance billing specifically for vein practices. Our billing professionals handle daily health insurance claims, follow-ups and denials. This service saves you and your staff precious time and reduces operating expenses, while increasing your practice revenue.
Expand Your Practice Revenue … with Worry-Free Venous Procedures.

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